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Total Cards Issued Bet

On average around five yellow and/or red cards are going to be given out during a football match, however some matches could see more than five cards being issued to players by the referee and some matches there could be fewer cards awarded.

As such, ever eager to ensure that their betting customers have the opportunity to bet on every single type of betting opportunity in a football match, you are going to find plenty of bookies that will be offering you betting market on which you can bet on just how many cards are issued in a match.

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There can and often will be a range of different betting markets available on this type of betting opportunity, for you may be offered odds on any one single player being awarded a yellow or red card at some point during a match, or you could be offered odds on the total number of yellow or red cards issued to either side in a match too.

Whether you do place such a bet is of course up to you, but as there can be several different bets that make up a total cards betting market, please do ensure you understand just what it is you are betting on.

As for the odds you will be offered, those are always going to be determined by the odds compilers at each betting site, so some bookies could be offering higher or lower odds than other bookies, so the onus is on you to find a bookie offering higher than average odds!

Best Bookie for Total Cards Bet Odds

All of our approved betting sites are going to be offering you a plethora of football related betting markets, but one betting site that I do urge you to check out is the 888 Sportsbook, if you fancy placing total cards issued related bets and wagers.

By getting yourself over to their website right now, by clicking onto our links to do so, not only are you going to be showered with all manner of football related betting markets, but you are also going to be able to take them up on their welcome offer, so do take a look as their terms and conditions are very favourable on that sign up bonus.

One benefit of betting on total cards betting markets or in fact all other football related betting markets at 888 Sports is that they have their own team of odd compilers, which means the odds you are going to be offered can and often will be much higher than the industry average odds.

Plus, with plenty of daily consolation bonuses on offer on those betting markets too, you can often end up getting your stake money returned as a free bet if your bet loses, when the consolation bonus kicks in, so do keep your eyes peeled for those daily offers to ensure you always get the maximum betting value when betting on any football matches you fancy betting on!

Total Cards Bet Tips

The most common types of total cards betting markets you are going to be offered at any betting sites and on any betting app will be designed as Over/Under betting markets, and as such you will be often faced with several of them.

As such one tip I can pass onto you is to consider placing more than one bet on a couple or even a few of those betting markets, for if you think there will be lots of yellow and red cards handed out in a game, by placing bets on lest say a 2.5, 3.5 and even a 4.5 total cards Over/Under betting market you could win on each of them if you do take the over option, and plenty of cards are handed out.

There is also the option available at sites such as Betfair for example, for you to lay bets from other punters too on this type of betting market.

The way you do so is relatively simple, for you have to decide what betting opportunity is the one that is least likely and then work out your own set of odds to offer other users of that betting change.

As long as those punters who choose to lay their bets with you lose, you are in the money as you get to keep their stakes, but the downside of using a betting exchange to lay bets, is that if those punters with you must pay them out at the odd you offered them in the first place!

Alternative Bets

You could opt to place a different type of bet if you think that any upcoming football match is going to be a game in which there will be plenty of fouls and bad behaviour from the players and that is by placing a bet on a player to score from a penalty.

Obliviously if there is expected to be a lot of fouls in any one single match, then there is going to be a very good chance that there will be any number of penalties awarded by the referee.

When betting on penalties, you need to decide just which of the handful of different betting markets related to them will be the ones that are much more likely to pay off, and you will of course need to track down a bookie offering you the very highest of odds too.

Some bookies will offer a set of odds on a penalty being awarded to either team and then that penalty is converted into a goal, and as long as at least one penalty is awarded that is converted into a goal such a bet will be a winning on.

However, you will also be offered the chance of picking out one of the two teams to be awarded a penalty that is then converted into a goal, and the odds on that betting opportunity will be much higher than either team getting a penalty which they then covert into a goal, so keep those alternative bets in mind!

Total Cards Issued Bet
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