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U20 World Cup Matches

Some of this years Under 20’s World Cup matches that have been played off have ended with some unexpected results, and I am sure some of you out there will have been betting on those matches, and will be very eager to bet on the other matches that are still to be played off.

If that is the case, then what I want to take a look at today are the four matches that are going to be kicking off at some point today the 31st of May 2019, that are part of the Under20’s World Cup, and give you some idea as to the way that punters are betting on each of those matches.

For reference there are found matches kicking off throughout the day, and below you will find the odds on  the three possible outcome sin each of those matches, and the odds I will quote are those that are there for the taking over at the Coral betting site.

The first match of the day that I think is going to be win by the favourite to win that match is the Mali U20 vs France U20 match, the odds are 3/1 on Mali, 33/20 on the draw and its should be too much of a stiff task for France to win that match and that is actually reflected in the odds being offered by Coral those odds being 17/20.

Panama the Underdogs Against Saudi Arabia

I will leave it up to you whether you do fancy betting on any of the under 20 matches that are scheduled to kick off today, but in the Saudi Arabia U20 vs Panama U20 match, I am of the mindset that match will be won by Saudi Arabia.

The best odds I have so far seen being offered on all three possible outcomes on that match are 5/4 on Saudi Arabia, 23/10 on the draw and 7/4 on a win for Panama, so whatever you do fancy betting on as the outcome of that match do not take odds any lower than those!

Other U20 World Cup Bets to Place Today

With odds of 5/2 being offered on the Korea Republic U20 team and with their opponents today that being the Argentina U20 tea, on offer with odds of 11/10 attached to them it does appear that Argentina will take all the beating in that match and should come out on top, however there is of course the very real chance that match could end in a draw and the odds of that happening are 2/1.

There is one match that isn’t going to be too hard for you to try and predict the result of that is also being played off today as part of the U20 World Cup, and that is the match between South Africa U20 and Portugal U20.

In fact a quickly glance at the odds that are being offered on that match will give you an idea of how the match should end, and those odds are 20/1 on a South Africa win, 6/1 on the draw and 1/7 on a win for the Portugal Under 20’s team!

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