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UEFA EURO 2020 Matches for the 25th of March

The matches that are being played as part of the UEFA Euro 2020 competition are now coming thick and fast and if you do fancy betting on any of those qualifier matches, then read on for there are some excellent odds available at betting sites such as Paddy Power.

The very first match I want to take a quick look at is one that is not going to take much working out to try and uncover just which way the match is likely to end, and that is the match between Turkey and Moldova!

The betting markets do very clearly show that it is Turkey that should win that match very easily, and they are on offer sadly though at tiny odds of doing just that, and those odds are 1/8, with the draw being 7/1 and the odds on a Moldova win, as you would expect being huge at 19/1 too.

Another match that is likely to be all one way traffic so to speak is the match later today between Andorra and Albania, Andorra appear to have no chance what so ever of winning that match and are the outsiders to do so at odds of 9/1, I doubt that match will end in a draw but the draw odds for reference are 16/5 and Albania are there short odds favourites to win that match at 4/11.

France vs Iceland

I think that if you do fancy backing several of the favourites to win their respective UEFA Euro 2020 match this evening, you will be best off backing them in an acca bet, for the win odds on those favourites as so low it’s not worth your time money and effort backing them individually to win.

So, if you are thinking of backing France to win tonight then their 1/7-win odds at Paddy Power will be somewhat boosted in value if you perm them in an acca bet with other teams, but the draw odds and the win odds for Iceland in that match are much more appealing being as they are 13/2 and 18/1 respectively.

Other Euro 2020 Matches This Evening

Let me also now quickly rattle through a few other Euro 2020 matches and teams that may just be worth betting on tonight starting with the Kosovo vs Bulgaria that for reference is going to be kicking off at 19:45 tonight UK time.

That match does appear to be a quite well-balanced match to say the least and as such Kosovo are 7/5 to win it the draw odds are 2/1 and you can also bag win odds of 15/8 on Bulgaria winning that match, which by the way they may just do.

The Luxembourg vs Ukraine match Euro 2020 match kicks off tonight at the exact same time as the above match, and the smart money is pouring in on Ukraine to win that match and their odds are now 1/3, as for the draw odds they are 15/2 and if you do fancy doing so you can back Luxembourg at some very fair odds at Paddy Power of 7/2.

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