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Under 20’s Matches for the 6th of January

Most punters are going to find it rather easy to knock up an Acca bet on some of the International under 20’s football matches that are going to be in play at some point of the day today.

BetSid are offering plenty of betting opportunities on each of those matches and to give you an overview of those odds, which should give you an idea of the way the matches should end, I have listed several of the standout betting opportunities of the day.

The first match that will be worth including in any such Acca bets you are thinking of playing is the Juventus U20 v Inter Limeira U20 match, and looking at the form of both of those two teams it is the home team that should easily come out on top, and their win odds of 1/4 do give that impression too.

Next you have the Vocem U20 v Porto Calvense U20 match, and once again it is very diffult to see any other result that a win for the home team, the way they have been playing recently means they have a great chance of adding this match to their ongoing tally of home wins and their win odds are 1/5.

Andradina U20 v Ceilandia U20

As you will have discovered by the odds attached to the two teams fancied to win their respective matches above, they definitely do need including in an Acca bet, and another match that should be worth including and one that should increase the value of your winning payout is the Andradina U20 v Ceilandia U20 match.

It is the home team once again in that match that is the likely winner which is indicated by their win odds of 3/4, so make sure you add that team to you Acca bets if you want a fairly decent chance of having a winning bet!

Other Under 20’s Matches for Your Acca Bets

Sadly the odds on Desportivo Brasil U20 are even lower that those fancies teams up above, however at 1/7 thsoe odds do give you an idea of their chance so beating Visao Celeste U20 today, if they do not win that match it will certainly be a shock.

Much better odds are attached to all three possible outcomes on the Osvaldo Cruz U20 v Legiao U20 match, and those odds are 11/10 on a home team win, 5/2 on the draw and you can get 7/2 on the away team winning, but it should be the home team that does take the three points.

As for the likely outcome of the EC Sao Bernardo U20 v Sao Bernardo U20, well I did originally feel that match could go the way of a draw and the odds of it doing so at BetSid are 11/5 but on reflection I feel it will be the away team that does come out on top today and their odds of doing just that are 4/5.

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