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Upcoming FA Cup Matches worth Betting On

All eyes will be on matches that are taking place over the next couple of days that are part of the FA Cup, and it is usually at this very early stage of the completion that several surprise results occur, and punters have been known to make a fortune by backing the least fancied teams to win their respective matches.

If you are thinking about backing some of the teams that will be playing tomorrow or on the day after that being the 4th and 5th of January then allow ne to give you a few pointers as to just which matches may just be worth betting on and which teams in those matches you should be backing.

Tomorrow night there is there match between Tranmere and Tottenham, and I just know there are going to be plenty of supports of Tranmere that are going to fancy the chance so their team and will be backing them too.

On fact, they are going to be very heavily rewarded with some huge odds if they do keep the faith in their team for the odds on a Tranmere win are 11/1, the draw odds are 5/1 but it is of course Tottenham that are expected to win that match at odds of 4/19.

West Ham vs. Birmingham

It will be on the 5th of January that you are going to be able to watch the West Ham vs. Birmingham match, and once again there is of course a red hot favourite to win that match and it won’t surprise you to learn that team is West Ham, and their odds of winning hat match for reference are 4/9.

For those of you that are hoping the match will end in a draw and fancy betting it will the draw odds on that match are 33/10, but for all you Birmingham fans out there you are surely going to be tempted to back them to win at their current win odds of 23/4!

Bournemouth vs. Brighton

Moving swiftly onto the Bournemouth vs. Brighton match, there is plenty of betting opportunities in that match apart from you having the option of picking out which team will win it or whether the match will end in a draw.

However, if you are a fan of Bournemouth their odds are 20/21 you can of course choose to back the draw and by doing so over at the MansionBet betting site they will be giving you odds of 12/5 and as for the chances of Brighton winning that match their odds of doing so are 29/10.

Shrewsbury vs. Stoke City

The one other match that I have picked out for you that will be kicking off on the 5th of January is the Shrewsbury vs. Stoke City match, not one that is bound to attract a huge amount of wagers but a match that could be worth betting on.

As for the odds available on the three possible outcomes, well Shrewsbury are not expected to win at their odds of 57/20 the draw odds are 47/20 and the most likely winner is of course Stoke City who can be backed right now at odds of even money at MansionBet.

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