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West Ham vs. Arsenal Correct Score Betting

One Premier League match that is sure to attract a lot of attention from punters this coming Saturday is the clash between West Ham and Arsenal.

From a strictly betting point of view, the smart money in that match appears to be pouring in for Arsenal as they have been backed down to even money, however there is always the very real chance that West Ham could pick up the three points and their odds of doing so are 5/2 and for anybody who thinks the match will end in a draw the odds on that happening are 53/20.

Whilst you may be happy to take any of those odds, it could also be worth you having an additional bet on the correct score of this match if you think you can predict it, and below are the odds on many of the possible score lines this match will end in being offered by 10Bet.

For those of you out there that think it will be a low scoring or even no score match, the odds on such outcomes are 14/1 for a score line of 1:0, a 0:0 draw is possible and the odds of that being the outcome are 13/1 and you can get odds of 21/2 on the match ending with a score of 0:1 too.

Mid-Priced Correct Score Betting Options

The match could end in a 2:0 score and the odds on that eventuality are 20/1, a 1:1 draw is something that could happen and you can secure odds on that correct score draw result of 27/4, and the odds on a 0:2 score are 11/1.

Moving onto a 2:1 result the odds available at 10Bet are 11/1 the same odds are also available on a 2:2 draw and as for the chance so the match ending in a score line of 0:3 the odds on that happening are higher at 18/1.

Other Correct Score Betting Options

It is going to be up to you just which of the many possible score lines could be the one that occurs in this match if you fancy betting on the correct score betting market at betting sites such as 10Bet, so let me give you an overview of some more possibilities.

As for the 3:0 result the odds on that are 37/1 and you can also get 37/1 on a 3:3 draw too, as for the match ending with a score of 0:4 the odds on that are reasonable at 34/1, but for those of you that think the match will end in a score of 3:1 the odds are 24/1.

The possibility of this match ending in a draw but a 4:4 score are admittedly unlikely, however you can of course place a bet on that result if you so desire and the odds available currently on that score are 93/1.

A few other unlikely results include a 0:5 score line on which the odds are 65/1, the match ending in a score line of 3:2 is chalked up at odds of 25/1 and you can get 99/1 on the match ending with a score of 0:6!

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