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West Ham vs. Arsenal Correct Score Betting

The upcoming football match between West Ham and Arsenal isn’t taking place until the 12th of January, so you do have plenty of time to get your bets placed, however the correct score betting markets are always worth checking out.

In fact, by placing a correct score bet right now over at MansionBet, you are going to be rewarded for doing so with some above average odds, and it is those odds that I want to give you an insight into in today’s football betting news story.

Now on paper at least, this is a match that is unlikely to go the way of a win for West Ham, for their win odds are 12/5 and it is highly unlikely to be a match that will end in a draw either, in fact the odds on offer on a draw at MansionBet are 27/10.

All things consider it is a match that should go the way of a win for Arsenal, and to be fair to MansionBet they are offering some decent odds on them winning and for reference those odds are even money.

Correct Score Betting on West Ham

There is of course nothing stopping you backing West Ham to win if you are convinced that they are going to do so and as for the correct score odds, well those that some punters are betting on include a 1-0 win for West Ham and the odds on that bet are 14/1 and also the 2-0 win for West Ham and the odds on that bet are 20/1.

Those of you out there that think the match will end in a draw can back the 0-0 draw at odds of 13/1, a 1-1 draw at odds of 13/2 and you will also find some high odds of 21/2 on a 2-2 draw too.

Correct Score Betting on Arsenal

I think it will be the case that many punters think that Arsenal will win this match and that West Ham will not score a goal, and if you are of that mindset then the types of correct score bets you will probably be interested in placing on this match include a 0-1 win for Arsenal and the odds on that bet are 21/2 or possibly a 0-2 win for Arsenal and the odds on that bet are 11/1.

A couple of other bets include a correct score of 0-3 with Arsenal scoring at odds of 18/1 or if you think Arsenal will win but with a score line of 0-4 then the odds are huge at 34/1.

There is also the chance that West Ham could hammer in at least one goal and as such there are three betting opportunities that you can bet on that will see them doing just that but with Arsenal still winning the match.

The first is a 1:2 win for Arsenal and the odds available on that score line are 17/2, if the match goes the way of Arsenal with a score of 1-3 and you backed them to do so the odds you will be rewarded with are 14/1 and for Arsenal to beat West Ham with a score of 1-4 the odds on that happening are 26/1.

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