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Will the First Goal in the Watford v Arsenal Match be via a Header?

Make no mistake about it, when it comes to betting on football matches at most betting sites, you are not only going to be limited to backing either team to win any match or can place a bet on the match ending in a draw, but you will also be offered a plethora of additional betting opportunities too.

If you are interested in betting on tonight’s match between Watford and Arsenal, then I do think you are going to be amazed at the sheer number of bets, some standard and some rather unusual ones that are going to be listed and on offer on the betting markets over at the Paddy Power betting site.

You may be interested in bagging their 16/5 odds on the very first goal of that match being scored via a header, and if so, then get your bet placed right now for everything consider that is a fair set of odds on something that may just happen in that match.

As for their match betting market on the Watford v Arsenal match which if you are blissfully unaware is going to kick off at 20:00 tonight, they have Watford chalked up and on offer to win that match at odds of  11/5 the draw is available all day long at odds of 5/2 and Arsenal are being backed to win that match by plenty of punters and as such the odds on the winning the match are 11/10.

Choose Your Own Bet at Paddy Power

Having been around for donkeys’ years and being such a huge betting company, Paddy Power have made it an absolute breeze for their customers and potential customers to contact their odds compilers directly.

Therefore if you do have a few unique bets that you want to be offered odds on, on this match or for that matter any other bet you can dream up, then you can contact their odds compilers on sites such as Twitter using the hashtag #WhatOddsPaddy and in no time at all you will be offered odds on any bet you can dream up!

Current Unique Betting Opportunities

Let me now rattle through a handful of unique bets that Paddy Power have been asked to work out odds on recently for the Watford v Arsenal match, as you never know you may fancy taking them up on some of the bets and odds they have available right now.

One quite interesting bet which is being offered is that each team to have 2 or more corners in each half of the match, that is surely something that could happen in that match tonight, and if you think it will then odds of 10/3 are on offer on it,

Another interesting bet is for both teams to score and that 3 or more corners for each team will be awarded during the course of the match and that both teams are also going to be awarded with two cards too, and that bet is being offered with huge and generous odds of 9/2 attached to it over at the Paddy Power betting site right now!

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