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Will Wales Head Group E in the Euro 2020 Qualifiers?

I think it’s fair to say that Wales did manage to get drawn in one of the much less challenging Groups as part of the Euro 2020 Qualifiers, and as such whilst some punters may be betting with their hearts for the Wales team to head that group, some punters will have worked out Wales do have more than a fair chance of topping Group E.

However, looking at the current state of the very early betting markets it would appear that bookies fancy the chances of Croatia and as such you are going to find that no matter at which betting site you bet at or on which betting app you use they are going to be available at rather low odds to win.

In fact, having spent a little bit of time today looking at the early betting markets on Group E most bookies have Croatia chalked up at odds of around the 2/5 mark, which given the obvious chances of them heading that Group those odds are fair.

But for those of you that are convinced that Wales are going to win each of their upcoming matches in that Group or at the very least head the Group one each match has been played off they do represent a rock-solid bet at their current odds of 3/1.

What Odds Slovakia?

There is of course a chance that one of the other teams involved in Group E of the Euro 2020 Qualifiers being played out later this year could suddenly find their best form, and to be fair to the other teams in that Group there is only one that possibly could do that.

That team is Slovakia and if you are more of the mind it will be them that head the table in Group E then how about betting on them right now, for by doing so at Coral you can bag odds of 9/1.

Just Five Teams in Group E

As there are just five teams playing in Group E you would expect the two much lesser fancied teams to be on offer at some much higher odds, and that is certainly the case.

Take for example Hungary, I doubt there will be a huge rush of punters eager to back them on the early betting markets, even with the odds on them topping that Group being 20/1!

As for the chances of Azerbaijan, well take it from me you are either going to have to be a foolish punter to want to back them or you could be a loyal fan of their team and if so then their current 250/1 are going to be worth placing a bet on, but probably just a low valued one.

Just so you know, as the date of the Qualifiers do get closer, Coral will make live their individual match betting markets on each match that is being played in Group E, so do keep your eyes peeled for those matches if you do fancy the chances of any of the above teams.

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